• | 3 Reviews | Ticketing offices

    Address: 59 Chaoshan Jie, Jinan

  • | 1 Reviews | Travel agencies

    Address: 13F, Building A, 22 Minsheng Dajie, Jinan

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 40 | Attractions

    Address: 1 Baotuquan Nanlu, Jinan

    Description: The spring after which Batou Spring Park is named is regarded as the best of all of the springs in Jinan. The spring's first recorded mention was in the "Spring and Autumn Annals", written by Confucius and rega...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 30 | Attractions

    Address: Daminghu Lu, Lixia District, Jinan

    Description: Jinan's Daming Lake covers an area of 45 hectares (113 acres): over half the area of the park to which it has lent its name. This large lake was formed from a number of underground springs, ensuring that the wa...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB30 | Attractions

    Address: 18 Jingshiyi Lu, Jinan

    Description: In the Sui Dynastygreat numbers of statues depicting the Buddha were carved into the rock on this mountain, which sits about three kilometers outside of Jinan. Thousand Buddha Temple and its surrounding structu...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 35 | Attractions

    Address: Wande Town, Changqing County, Jinan

    Description: Lingyan Temple is actually a large complex of 36 halls and 18 pavilions, hidden in the mountain range which includes Mt Tai south of Jinan. It is regarded as the first among the four most important ancient temp...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 60 | Attractions

    Address: Qinjiazhuang, Liubu Town, Licheng District, Jinan

    Description: Located in Liufu Town in the Licheng District of Jinan, the Jiudingta Folk Custom Park is 26 km from the main town. It consists of several areas, including the Nationality and Folk Custom Area, the Amusement Ar...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB125 - RMB 100 | Attractions

    Address: Taian city, Shandong

    Description: Tai Shan, situated about an hour's drive outside Jinan, is the most revered of China's 'Five Sacred Mountains'. Its main peak is about 1532 meters (5,029 feet) high. Tai Mountain has been an important religious...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 5 | Parks

    Address: 18 Kuangshi Jie, Jinan

    Description: Located in the old city, north of Luoyuan Bridge, Five-dragon Pond Park is named after Wulong (five-dragon) Pond inside it. This relatively small park has an area of around five and a half hectares, nearly a fi...

  • | 0 Reviews | Free | Parks

    Address: 106 Jingshi Lu, Jinan

    Description: The Jinan Quancheng Park is located in the middle of the city. It was established in September 1989 and opened as a free park in 1997. It is a multifunctional park aiming to educate and popularize science, take...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 5 | Parks

    Address: 8 Minziqian Lu, Jinan

    Description: Located in a flourishing section of the Licheng District, Baihua Park covers an area from Dongwaihuan Lu in the east to Minziqian Lu in the west. Planted with precious trees, including white yulan magnolia, pru...

  • | 0 Reviews | free | Parks

    Address: 1-1 Banbian Jie, Jinan

    Description: The Round the City Park circles the old city of Jinan, running for nearly 5 kilometers. It connects the Baotu Spring, Pearl Spring, Heihu Spring, Five-dragon Pond and Daming Lake to form a large green band, lak...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 15 | Parks

    Address: 31 Huiquan Lu, Mingshui, Zhangqiu city, Jinan

    Description: Out of Jinan's 72 springs, Baimai is considered one of the finest. The park was created in 1986, to take advantage of the natural springs & antique pavilions (including the longquan temple) already situated in ...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 80 | Zoos and safari parks

    Address: 1 Yunding Lu, Paomaling Tourism Area, Liubu Town, Jinan

    Description: There are six large sections open to visitors in Jinan Wild Life World, stretched over a 12 kilometer route. The various zones are: Walking Touring Zone, Forest leisure Zone, Herbivore Zone, Predator Zone, Gene...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 25 | Zoos and safari parks

    Address: 87 Jiluo Lu, Jinan

    Description: The Jinan Zoo combines breeding programs and research with its visitor facilities, and is the largest zoo in the Shandong Province. Many rare Chinese animals call the zoo home, including that most celebrated of...

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 30 | Parks


    Description: The Jinan Botanical Garden is a large complex covering 6 hectares located about 35 kilometers outside of Jinan. It is actually a collection of several botanical gardens each specializing in a different species ...

  • | 0 Reviews | Airports


    Description: Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport (TNA) is the largest airport in the province, the second largest in the eastern China area, and the hub for all air traffic through the region. There are over 40 domestic ai...

  • | 0 Reviews | Car rental

    Address: 1-3-202, 18 Yishou Lu, Lixia District, Jinan


    Many brands of car are available including Audi A6, Red Flag, Santana, Jetta and Bluebird. Door to door service is provided. Branch Add: 305 Gongye Nanlu, Jinan Tel: 0531-88586316, 88553718


  • | 0 Reviews | Car rental

    Address: 137 Lishan Lu, Jinan


    Cars including Passat, Buick and Red Flag are available here. You can also hire a land cruiser or various types of bus.


  • | 0 Reviews | Car rental

    Address: 171 Dikou Lu, Jinan


    Nearly 900 cars are available from standard to luxury models. This company is one of the largest car rental companies in Shandong.  


  • | 0 Reviews | Car rental

    Address: 239 Jingshi Xilu, Jinan

    Description: Offers a wide variety of makes and models. Driver service and door to door service are all provided. The company has several branches over the city. No.1 Branch Add: Sports Center of Shandong Tel: 0531-82052161...

  • | 0 Reviews | Bus stations

    Address: 131 Jiluo Lu, Jinan

    Description: With several major cross-country highways passing through Jinan, bus travel is a viable option for most long and short distance journeys from Jinan within China. There are six main long-distance bus stations in...

  • | 0 Reviews | Train stations

    Address: Zhanqian Jie, Jinan

    Description: Jinan Railway Station is the stopover point for major lines including Beijing-Shanghai and Qingdao-Jinan. Express trains (identifiable by the letter D which precedes their train number) leave from here for Beij...

  • | 0 Reviews | Train stations

    Address: North of Daming Lake, Jinan

    Description: Jinan East Railway Station is a stopover for the Qingdao-Dandong, Qingdao-Taiyuan, Beijing-Yantai and Beijing-Weihai among Destinations: Weihai, Yantai, Beijing, Sifang, Dandong Add: North of Daming Lake, Jinan...

  • | 0 Reviews | Ticketing offices

    Address: 5 Minzu Dajie, Jinan