Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport (TNA) (Jinan Yao Qiang Guo Ji Ji Chang) [济南遥墙国际机场]

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  • Contact: 0531-96888  
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Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport (TNA) is the largest airport in the province, the second largest in the eastern China area, and the hub for all air traffic through the region. There are over 40 domestic air routes, including daily flights to Beijing (1 hr), Shanghai (1.5 hrs), Chongqing (2 hrs), Guangzhou (2.5 hrs), Chengdu (2 hrs 20 minutes), Qingdao (40 minutes), Haikou (1.5 hrs), Hangzhou (1.5 hrs), Nanjing (1 hr) and a whole host of other cities.
Flights also leave here for international destinations including Seoul, Bangkok and Moscow.

The airport is around 40 kilometers from the city, and is easily accessible by shuttle bus (RMB 15) and taxi (around RMB 80). Allow one hour for the bus ride or 45 minutes for the taxi.

Customer Service Tel: 0531-96888
Airport Ticket Office Tel: 0531-82080889, 82080888
Fax: 0531-82080333

Airport Shuttle Bus:
A shuttle bus (RMB 15) between the airport and Jinan operates frequent services: buses for the airport leave from the Yuquan Simpson Hotel in downtown Jinan every hour from 6am to 6pm. The journey takes about an hour. Buses leave the airport at various times dependent on flight arrivals and terminate at the long-distance bus terminal.

Shuttle Bus Inquiry Tel: 0531-96888, 82086537, 82086529
Buses to Weifang: Two buses a day leave the airport, as part of a service running between Jinan and Weifang. It takes about two hours to run the entire line.

Ticketing service

Airport Ticket Office Tel: 0531-82080889, 82080888

Airport Downtown Ticket Center
Add: 198 Luoyuan Dajie, Jinan
Tel: 0531-96888(domestic flights), 86010999 (international flights)
Bus routes: 19, 44, 49, 65, 72, 102, 103

Hotel Sofitel Silver Plaza Ticket Office
Add: 66 Luoyuan Dajie, Jinan
Tel: 0531-89816848

Shangdong Airlines Honglou Ticket Office
Add:120 Huayuan Lu, Jinan
Tel: 0531-88111767, 88918737

China Southern Airlines Chaoshanjie Ticket Office
Add: 59 Chaoshan Jie, Jinan
Tel: 0531-86911082

China Eastern Airlines Ticket Office
Add: Aviation Mansion, 408 Jingshi Lu, Jinan
Tel: 0531-87964445

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