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Chengtian Pagoda (Chengtiansi Ta)

1 Reviews

Description: Chengtiansi Pagoda (the ''Western Pagoda'') is located in Yinchuan's Chengtian Temple (Chengtian Si) and is known to be the tallest ancient brick pagoda in the region, dating back to 1050. However, the structur...

Price:RMB 22 (A set ticket for Chengtian Temple as well as the Ningxia Museum)

Address:southwest, Yinchuan

China Western Film Production Base (Huaxia Xibu Yingshicheng)

1 Reviews

Description: The impressive sets at China Western Film Production Base have one major advantage over the cardboard towers in Hollywood: these castles are real! The studio is set in the ruins of two ancient fortresses built ...

Price:RMB 60/person; RMB 30 for students


Haibao Pagoda (Haibao Ta)

Description: There has been a pagoda on the site of the Haibao Pagoda (also known as the Sea Treasure Pagoda) for over one and a half thousand years. The earliest known structure was built in the fifth century AD, apparentl...

Price:RMB 12 (including the charge for climbing the pagoda)

Address:north suburb of Yinchuan

Helan Mountain (Helan Shan)

1 Reviews

Description: Helan Mountain (Helan Shan) is an enigmatic and mysterious place. The evocative names of the sights here: ''Sun Rising from a Writing-Brush Stand'', ''Moonlight Bidding Farewell to the Tolling of the Bell'', an...

Price:RMB 10 for Helanshan Rock-painting; RMB 10 for Gunzhongkou

Address:50 kilometers northwest from Yinchuan city

Nanguan Mosque (Nanguan Qingzhen Dasi)

Description: Thanks to a large Hui (Chinese Muslim) population, there are an estimated 2000 mosques in the Ningxia Province: Nanguan is undoubtedly one of the most famous. The current incarnation of the Nanguan Mosque was b...

Price:RMB 15

Address:south end of Yuhuangge Lu, Yinchuan

Sand Lake (Sha Hu)

Description: As its name implies, Sand Lake a place to experience both water & desert 56 kilometers north of Yinchuan. Sand Lake covers an area in excess of 80 square kilometers, over half of which is made up of lakes, with...

Price:RMB 80

Address:Pingluo County, Ningxia


Description: Lying about 150 kilometers outside of Yichuan to the south, Shapotou sits on the north bank of the Yellow River at the edge of the Tengger Desert. From the sand dunes of Shapatou one can turn north and face int...

Price:RMB 65

Address:South Edge of Tenggeli Desert, west of Zhongwei County

West Xia Imperial Tombs (Xixia Wangling)

1 Reviews

Description: The Western Xia imperial tombs were built for rulers of the Western Xia dynasty, which is also known as the Tangut empire. The Tanguts were non-Han people who spoke a Tibeto-Burman language. Originally nomadic,...

Price:RMB 40

Address:East foot of Helan Mountain, Yinchuan

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