China Western Film Production Base (Huaxia Xibu Yingshicheng) [华夏西部影城]

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The impressive sets at China Western Film Production Base have one major advantage over the cardboard towers in Hollywood: these castles are real! The studio is set in the ruins of two ancient fortresses built in the Ming & Qing dynasties to protect the city from Mongol attack. The castles had always been tourist attractions, but since their use as a location for award winning films such as the Herdsman, Red Sorghum and Ballad of the Yellow River they have become even more popular. Over 80 movies have been made here, and the production crews were kind enough to leave most of their scenery behind for curious visitors to scrutinize.

The studio also boasts a wall of 100 televisions showing clips from the movies filmed there based inside a Tibetan style castle named ''Baihuatang'' (Hundred Flowers Hall). In addition to the displays of scenery, visitors can also peruse costumes and props or screen short movies.

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Mar 19, 2013 15:25

This is considered one of Yinchuan's main tourist attractions. It is interesting enough I suppose, but I personally don't think you'd be missing out on too much if you don't make it there. It's basically a replica of an ancient town within city walls. Visitors can go into each of the buildings and take photos with the props. Some of the buildings contain tv sets which show clips from various movies filmed there.

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