Chengtian Pagoda (Chengtiansi Ta) [承天寺塔]

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  • Address:southwest, Yinchuan
  • Getting there: 2
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  • Opening hours: 8: 00-17: 00
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Chengtiansi Pagoda (the ''Western Pagoda'') is located in Yinchuan's Chengtian Temple (Chengtian Si) and is known to be the tallest ancient brick pagoda in the region, dating back to 1050. However, the structure currently standing on the site only dates back as far as 1820, when it was rebuilt in its original Western Xia Dynasty style after an earthquake nearly destroyed it in 1738. Apparently built as a tribute to the child King Li Lianzuo, it took over 6 years to build and became a favorite spot for the young ruler and his retinue to listen to sermons.

The Pagoda is now a protected cultural site and houses displays in the museum contained within its walls, a refurbished version of which is due to open in 2008.

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Mar 19, 2013 15:22

A must-see when in Yinchuan. The first time I went there it was still possible to climb to the top of the pagado but I think it has since changed and tourists are no longer to enter the pagoda itself. Still, the surrounding grounds are pleasant and peaceful. You may see monks walking about or a group of elders congregating to play music and sing songs.

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