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Annular Lake Tourist Resort (Lianhuanhu Lvyou Dujiaqu)

Description: During the dry season, Annular Lake is a series of 19 lakes separated by marshy land and reed beds. During periods of heavy rain, the individual lakes join to form Annular Lake. The lake sits 20 kilometers west...

Price:RMB 80

Address:Lianhuan Lake, Duerbote, Daqing

Dangnai Wetland (Dangnai Shidi)

Description: The Dangnai Wetlands covers over 30,000 hectares to the northwest of Daqing, and is often regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in the Heilongjiang Province. In legend, nomadic Mongols traveling through t...

Price:RMB 60

Address:Dangnai Village, Yantongtun County, Duerbote Mongol Autonomous County

Daqing Oilfield Science & Technology Museum (Daqing Youtian Keji Bowuguan)

Description: This museum was built to display and explore the development of oil drilling in the area, the impact of the technology and the ecological impact of oil use in the area. It is located in an Exhibition Hall at Da...

Price:RMB 5

Address:Exhibition Hall of Scientific Experiment of Daqing Oilfield ...

Iron-Man Square (Tieren Guangchang)

Description: Iron Man Square, in the centre of Daqing is a popular destination for both visitors and locals in Daqing. A tall fountain in the centre of the square has as its centre a sculpture called "Flying" which represen...


Address:Yuanwang Dajie, Ranghulu District, Daqing

Memorial Hall of Iron-Man Comrade Wang Jinxi (Tieren Wang Jinxi Tongzhi Jinianguan)

Description: Wang Jinxi was born into a poor peasant family in 1923 and worked variously as a shepherd and coal-carrier during childhood. At the age of 15 he left his home and headed to the oilfields in Yumen where he worke...


Address:8 Jiefang Erjie, Daqing

The Iron Man Park

Description: Iron Man Park was funded with money from the Oil Administration and the Second Oil Extraction Factory taking three years to build at the end of the 1980s. The park sits on the side of the emerald green lake to ...


Address:Babaishang, Honggang District, Daqing

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