Iron-Man Square (Tieren Guangchang) [铁人广场]

  • Address:Yuanwang Dajie, Ranghulu District, Daqing
  • Getting there: 36
  • Contact: 0459-5973861  
  • Opening hours: All day
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Iron Man Square, in the centre of Daqing is a popular destination for both visitors and locals in Daqing. A tall fountain in the centre of the square has as its centre a sculpture called "Flying" which represents Daqing's oilfield and its connection to the city. In the evening, the fountain is the backdrop to a laser show.

The square is split into several areas: the Taidi Garden, Music Fountain, Chunhua Garden and Qiushi Garden. The Taidi Garden is thought to be the most beautiful of the gardens here and is home to a teahouse and a hall where various performances are staged.

Chunhua Garden and Qiushi Garden have been planted with flowers and trees, and decorated with pretty rockeries. After nightfall in summer months, the area is popular with locals who come to listen to poetry and watch performances of singing and dancing.

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