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Agricultural Bank of China

Description: Datong Sub-Branch Add: Tongyang Lu, Datong District, Daqing Tel: 0459-6271352 Ranghulu Sub-Branch Add: 2 Xiyang Lu, Ranghulu District, Daqing Tel: 0459-6882502 Wolitun Sub-Branch Add: 52 Xiang, Wolitun Dajie, L...


Address:Weisan Lu, Dongfeng Xincun, Sa'ertu District, Daqing

Bank of China

Description: Daqing Oilfield Sub-Branch Add: 110 Xibin Lu, Ranghulu District, Daqing Daqing Development Zone Sub-Branch Add: 9 Jinrong Jie, Gaoxin Lu, Development Zone, Daqing Dongfeng Lu Sub-Branch Add: 1 Dongfeng Lu, Don...


Address:6 Wanbao Dajie, Dongfeng Xincun, Sa'ertu District, Daiqng

Bank of Communications

Description: Ranghulu Sub-Branch Add: 35 Zhongyang Dajie, Ranghulu District, Daqing Tel: 0459-6306271 Center Sub-Branch Add: 20 Wei'er Lu, Dongfeng Xincun, Sa'ertu District, Daqing Tel: 0459-6364564 Huizhan Sub-Branch Add: ...


Address:2 Reyuan Jie, Dongfeng Lu, Daqing

China Construction Bank

Description: Development Zone Sub-Branch Add: 6 Jinrong Jie, Development Zone, Daqing Tel: 0459-6282955 Hongqi Sub-Branch Add: 112 Huizhan Dajie, Daiqng Tel: 0459-6651079 Sa'ertu Sub-Branch Add: 5 Ka'erjiali Lu, Sa'ertu Dis...


Address:Shangmao Cheng, Dongfeng Xincun, Sa'ertu District, Daqing

Daqing Gengchen Law Firm

Description: Daqing Gengchen Law Firm provides a wide range of services including international arbitration, mortgage, compensation of damages, heritage, patent, futures, banking, IPR, M&A, e-business, company settlement, u...


Address:3F Jinlong Hotel, Longfeng District, Daqing

Daqing Zhongshen CPA Co., Ltd.


Professional accounting services including auditing, assessment, real estate price assessment and company management consultancy.

Fax:0459 6284 775 ...


Address:8F, B 4-building, Keji Dasha (Building), 40 Huoju Xinjie, Daqing ...

Guangdong Development Bank


Dongfeng Sub-Branch Add: 178 Wei'er Lu, Dongfeng Xincun, Daqing  Tel: 0459-6387899

Chengfeng Sub-Branch Add: Chengqi Qu, Chengfeng Zhuang, Ranghulu District, Daqing Tel: 0459-5796878  




Address:12 Leyuanlong, Ranghulu District, Daqing

Heilongjiang Longfeng Law Firm


A major law firms specializing in civil law, real estate law, financial and banking law, company settlement and restructuring, arbitration and litigation.

Fax:0459 6404 600 ...


Address:Oppsite the Longfeng Government, Building L, Dongcheng Lingxiu, ...

Heilongjiang Qingcheng Law Firm


Heilongjiang Qingcheng Law Firm concentrates on non-litigation law and litigation agency, company, investment and financial law; IPR and New-high tech law practices.

Fax:0459 6286 720 ...


Address:27 Fanrong Lu, Longfeng District, Daqing


Description: Development Zone Branch Add: High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Daqing Tel: 0459-6281232 Youyi Branch Add: Youyi Dajie, Sa'ertu District, Daqing Tel: 0459-6316118 Longfeng Branch Add: 2 Fenghua Lu, Longfeng...


Address:Tongyang Lu, Datong Disrict, Daqing

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