Dangnai Wetland (Dangnai Shidi) [珰奈湿地]

  • Address:Dangnai Village, Yantongtun County, Duerbote Mongol Autonomous County
  • Contact: 0459-3456002,3459777  
  • Opening hours: 6:00 to 20:00
  • Website: http://www.dangnai.cn
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The Dangnai Wetlands covers over 30,000 hectares to the northwest of Daqing, and is often regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in the Heilongjiang Province.

In legend, nomadic Mongols traveling through the area came across the lush grasslands and clear waters of the lake and decided to settle in the area. The lake was home to a number of red-crowned cranes which the Mongols admired greatly: they built a temple in their honor which they named Dangnai meaning "Temple of the Fairy" in the Mongol language. The temple was damaged in the Cultural Revolution, and is no longer used as a site to pray to the beautiful red-crowned cranes, but the name has remained.

At the centre of Dangnai Wetland is a lake, on which sits an island housing the Huxin Pavilion, which can be reached by one of the pretty wooden bridges which crosses the water. In the summer, lotus plants bloom on the lake and the area is considered particularly beautiful. Visitors to the lake can take bamboo boats across the water. As well as the lake, the Dangnai Wetlands is home to a fishing garden and a bird garden. A hotel and restaurant in the park ensures that visitor's stays need not be cut short.

Getting there: take the train heading to Taikang from Daqing City

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