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    Address: 379 Nanmen Jie, Yiwu


    A typical Yiwu style classical teahouse. Snacks are served alongside tea ceremony performances.  


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    Address: 130 Yidong Lu, Yiwu

    Description: This large tea house features classical design and tea service, with many of the service staff trained at the Art Skill department of Zhejiang Agricultural University. Differently styled private rooms are avail...

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    Address: 126 Gongren Beilu, Yiwu

    Description: This chain of teahouses is headquartered in Xiamen, with a selection of teas that cater to all tastes and budgets. Tea ceremony performances are available, and it is a relaxing place to spend a quiet afternoon....

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    Address: 1 Danxi Lu, Yiwu

    Description: This chain originated in Suzhou, and features classical design. Antique style furniture and architecture and staff uniforms are reminiscent of the Song Dynasty. Suzhou Pingtan performances are given nightly on ...