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Chisong Huang Daxian Taoism Palace

Description: First built in the Jin Dynasty, this temple was relocated from Chisongjian and rebuilt in 1997 by the Hong Kong and Taiwan Huang Daxian Institute. The current site is scenic Chisong Mountain, a place full of hi...


Address:Zhongtou Village, Chisong Town, Jindong District, Jinhua

Dazhi Buddhism Temple

Description: Another Southern Liang period temple, this 1500-year old temple was renovated in 1994. The central Mahavira Palace rises to over 40m, housing a 28m tall image of the Sakyamuni Buddha, one of China's largest ind...


Address:Dazhi Jie, Hengdian, Dongyang City, Jinhua

Huang Daxian practised Taoism

Description: This temple, built on the Jinhua Mountain, is a spiritual center for Daxian Taoism. Built beside the mountain, facing a lake, this 9-layer structure has rare naturally occurring perfect acoustics. The elaborate...


Address:1296 Huancheng Beilu, Jinhua

New Grace Church


Rebuilt in 2002, it is a splendid and unique European style church.



Address:237 Zongze Donglu, Yiwu

Shuanglin Temple

Description: Built during the Southern Liang period, this temple has been around for over 1500 years. It is famous for its large size and design. The most important structure at the temple is the Shuanglin Iron Tower, built...


Address:21 Xianqian Jie, Yiwu

Temple of the Great Buddha

Description: Built in 540 during the Southern Liang period (a popular time for temple construction), this temple is famous for its grotto, which houses a 6m tall Buddha. There is also a 500 arhat hall, home to some 500 skil...


Address:north of Caozhai Town, Jinhua

Tianning Temple

Description: One of three remaining wood structures from the Yuan Dynasty, it was built about 1000 years ago, and named the Chengtian Temple by the Emperor. About a century later, it was given its current name of Tianning. ...


Address:southeast corner, Jinhua

Yiwu Catholic Church



Address:4F, block 42, Pengcheng Xiaoqu, Yiwu

Yiwu Mosque

2 Reviews

Description: Historically, there was no Islamic presence in the Yiwu region. This modern mosque was completed in 2004, and caters to visitors and businesspeople in the area. Most of the congregation is composed of Muslims f...


Address:90 Binjiang Xilu, Yiwu

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