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    Address: 34 Minzhu Dadao, Nanning

    Description: The Guangxi Museum aims to educate visitors about the various ethnic groups who have called the area home over the last 5000 years, through exhibitions of their artifacts. One of the largest collections in the ...

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    Address: inside cultural area of scenery area on Qingxiu Mountain, Nanning

    Description: This museum has, at the time of writing, not yet opened to the public, but it has been under construction for some time on Qingxiu Mountain. Its stated aims are to preserve and collect artifacts documenting the...

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    Address: inside Renmin Park, Xingning District, Nanning


    The Guangxi Nature Museum was formerly a part of the Guangxi Museum, but nearly twenty years ago, it was formed as a separate museum, concentrating on exhibits of fossils discovered in and around the region.