Guangxi Museum (Guangxi Minzu Zizhiqu Bowuguan) [广西民族自治区博物馆]

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  • Address:34 Minzhu Dadao, Nanning
  • Getting there: 6, 30, 34, 39, 205, 213
  • Contact: 0771- 280 3072  
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The Guangxi Museum aims to educate visitors about the various ethnic groups who have called the area home over the last 5000 years, through exhibitions of their artifacts. One of the largest collections in the museum is the group of 500 bronze drums and 300 copper drums, of which the Yunlei Decorated Copper Drum is one of the most precious, being the largest ever found.

Of the twelve most significant ethnic groups in Guangxi, the museum has artifacts including traditional costumes, theatrical masks, puppets and musical instruments. A Shang Dynasty copper vessel called a You imprinted with an animal-face decorative pattern and a lamp in the shape of a phoenix, made in the Western Han Dynasty from copper are the most important finds in the museum, but visitors may find that the displays in the adjacent Guangxi Ethnic Relics Center to be equally as interesting. Here, the museum has erected a Maonan Barn, a Dong Drum-Tower and a You house, made from bamboo.

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