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Autumn Water Square

Description: The Autumn Water Square is well positioned in Nanchang's newly developed Red Valley Beach area, just south of Tengwan Pavilion. The square is in fact shaped like a crescent moon around which are various shops, ...


Address:North Bank of Gan River, Nanchang

Dragon and Tiger Mountain (Longhu Shan)

Description: As one of the most famed Taoist mountains, Dragon and Tiger Mountain (Longhu Mountain) is well worth a visit because of its rich history, beautiful scenery and tranquil environment.  Previously known as the Mo...

Price:RMB 30 Shangqing Palace, RMB 145 Celestial Water Drafting

Address:16 km south of Yingtan City

Former Residence of Bada Shanren (Bada Shanren Guju)

Description: Bada Shanren (1626-1705) was a poet, painter and calligrapher born in Nanchang. A child prodigy, Bada Shanren was a poet by the age of 7. When the Ming dynastyended with the suicide of the last emperor, Bada Sh...

Price:RMB 20

Address:259 Qingyunpu Lu, Nanchang

Mount Lushan National Park (Lushan Guojia Gongyuan)

1 Reviews

Description: Mount Lushan consists of 99 individual peaks, the tallest rising to nearly 1500m (4836 feet) above sea level. The park consists of 500 square kilometers of waterfalls, natural grottoes, ravines and forests. It ...

Price:RMB 135 (Dec 1 - Mar 31), RMB 160 (Apr 1-Nov 30)

Address:40 kilometers south of Jiujiang, Jiangxi province

Mt. Jinggang(Jinggang Shan)

Description: Jinggang Mountain is located about 350 kilometers from Nanchang, on the border of Hunan Province. It is known for its waterfalls including the magnificent Bailongtan Waterfall which has an 82-meter drop and sev...

Price:RMB 130 (through ticket)

Address:In the middle of Luoxiao Mountain, Ji'an city, Jiangxi

Shengjin Tower Temple (Sheng Jin Ta)

Description: This is the oldest building in the city, dating to the Qing Dynasty, named Sheng Jin Ta (Rope and Gold Pagoda) after the legend that when the temple was being built, an iron box was found containing four bundle...

Price:RMB 10

Address:165 Shengjinta Jie, Nanchang

Tengwang Pavilion(Tengwang Ge)

Description: Tengwang Pavilions is one of the three most famous pavilions sitting on the south side of the Yangtze River, and was originally built during Emperor Taizong's reign in the Tang Dynasty. It has been destroyed se...

Price:RMB 50

Address:58 Fanggu Jie, Nanchang

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