Hangzhou HOMES real estate Information consulting Co., LTD [杭州后亩思房地产信息咨询有限公司]

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  • Address: Room 1304,The PhoenixCenter,Shang Cheng District,Hangzhou
  • Contact: 13805760599   149677992@qq.com
  • Wechat: http://www.hangzhouhomes.com/
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Hangzhou HOMES real estate Information consulting Co., LTD

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Dec 26, 2023 15:52

Hangzhou PLUS Housing Agency specializes in providing rental services to expatriates in Hangzhou. With a wide range of properties and experienced, bilingual professionals, the agency ensures a smooth transition for expats. They offer personalized service, assisting with everything from property selection to lease negotiations and post-move support. Committed to client satisfaction, they are a trusted partner for expats relocating to Hangzhou.

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