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    Address: Room 1304,The PhoenixCenter,Shang Cheng District,Hangzhou

    Description: Hangzhou HOMES real estate Information consulting Co., LTD...

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    Address: 1001, 10/F Changdihuoju Building,259 Wensanlu, Hangzhou

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    Address: B-9 Hupan Mansion, 172 West Wenyi Lu, Hangzhou

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    Address: 101 5Dong Xinghuoxiaoqu,Linping Street, Hangzhou

    Description: Cheer Home Realty specializes in a number of services including commercial housing sales, rental & leasing, property exchange, real estate ownership certificate and real estate consultation. Currently there are...

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    Address: Room 603, Tower A, No.650 Bin An Road IX WORK

    Description: The most professional leasing agency for expats in Hangzhou.We provide not only professional home finding(apartment searching), but also arrange ayi,moving, privat tour, school searching and many other domestic...

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    Address: 154 Wensan Xi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

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    Address: Room 1016, Jingui Mansion, 387 Gudun Lu, Xihu District, Hangzhou

    Description: Hunter Real Estate has rapidly expanded to be one of the largest and the most reliable residential service providers with more than 7 years of experience in Hangzhou. We specialize...

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    Address: Room 2302,Unit 1,Building 2,The Phoenix City,Shang Cheng ...

    Description: The leading expatriate real estate agent in Hangzhou. Services include: City orientation, apartment rental, rent negotiations, contract preparation, satellite TV installation, house keeping, moving, airport pic...

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    Address: 14 Wensan Xi Lu, Xihu District, Hangzhou

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    Address: 1812 Longxi Bossgang,4281 Nanhuanlu,Binjiang District , Hangzhou

    Description: Experienced English-speaking realtors. Also provided: market surveys, company registration, visa application, moving, house-keeping, satellite TV installation, home-furnishing, international school admission fo...

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    Description: Maxxelli Real Estate is a highly motivated and modern real estate company providing tailor made real estate solutions for our clients in China. Maxxelli provides numerous solutions for developers, individual in...