• | 2 Reviews | Christianity

    Address: 26 Xintang Lu, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

  • | 0 Reviews | Buddhism

    Address: 338 Tianzhulu,Xihu District,Hangzhou

    Description: Three famous shrines sit in close proximity to each other on Tianzhu Hill in Hangzhou. Surrounded by lush greenery and resplendent woods, these three temples sit like diamonds placed lovingly in the crown of Ti...

  • | 2 Reviews | Christianity

    Address: 1 Zhonghe Zhonglu, Hangzhou

  • | 1 Reviews | Catholicism

    Address: 415 Zhongshan Beilu, Hangzhou


    This Catholic Church was built in Qing Dynasty (1659 A.D.) , which was named as Church of the Immaculate Conception.


  • | 0 Reviews | Buddhism

    Address: 56 Nanshan Lu,Xihu District, Hangzhou

    Description: Located at the foot of Nanping Hill on the southern edge of West Lake lies Jingci Temple ("Temple of Pure Mercy"). New Year's eve celebrations are particularly raucous at Jingci, where foreigners, locals and Ch...

  • | 0 Reviews | Adult/Child RMB20/10 | Buddhism

    Address: 1 Fayun Xiang, Lingyin Lu, Hangzhou

    Description: The pointed, upturned eaves and mystical earthy tones used in the creation of haunting Lingyin Temple take one back to 328 A.D., when Lingyin was first constructed. Packed full of cultural relics, Lingyin (mean...

  • | 4 Reviews | Islam

    Address: 227 Zhongshan Beilu, Hangzhou

    Description: Also called Zhenjiao Mosque, Phoenix Mosque was first built during the Tang Dynasty, but was later destroyed. Reconstruction began in 1281 under a Persian missionary, and the temple was continually expanded for...

  • | 2 Reviews | Christianity

    Address: 132 Jiefang Lu, Hangzhou

    Description: First built in 1927 and named after the first Chinese priest, Father Zhang Chengzhai, Sicheng Church is the largest in Hangzhou. Mass is held multiple times on Sundays. Call for more information about youth gro...