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Banpo Museum (Xi'an Ban Po Bowuguan)

Description: The Banpo Museum is located in the eastern outskirts of Xi'an City, and is the first museum constructed at the prehistoric Banpo archeological site. Originally inaugurated in 1958, the museum boasts over 4500 e...

Price:30RMB per person

Address:155 Banpo Lu, east suburb of Xi'an

Bell Tower Xinhua Bookstore

Description: Another very small English language book selection can be found at the Bell Tower Xinhua Bookstore. Unless you’re nearby, your best bet for English books is still the Foreign Language Bookstore or even the Boo...


Address:377 Dong Dajie, Xincheng District, Xi'an

Foreign Languages Bookstore

1 Reviews


The English-language section of this massive, four-story bookstore is by no means large, but it's certainly worth a browse. Hang out in the busy cafe while you sip some coffee and peruse a periodical.



Address:349 Dong Dajie,Xincheng District, Xi'an

Jiahui Hantang Book City

Description: The largest bookstore in Xi'an, Book City has a fairly decent selection of imported English books. You'll find a wide range of books here, from educational ones, to classic novels, and modern literature to chil...


Address:111 Chang’an Zhonglu,Yanta District, Xi'an

Maoling Museum (Mao Ling Bowuguan)

Description: Maoling Museum focuses predominately on the history of the Western Han Dynasty. The museum combines cultural relics and ancient constructions in picturesque garden settings. The unearthed relics exhibited in th...

Price:46RMB per person(Mar.1st to Nov.30th) 26RMB per person(Dec.1st to Feb. 28th)

Address:Xingping City, Shaanxi

Online Chinese Class

Libraries Gao Xin

Description: IChineseLearning provides you with 1 on 1 online Chinese lessons via skype. You can take a free test before joining: 1. The lessons are customized for personal needs. No matter ...

Price:12 USD

Address:xian, China

Shaanxi Art Gallery (Shaanxi Mei Shu Guan)

1 Reviews

Description: Shaanxi Art Gallery, formerly Shaanxi Artist Gallery, was built in 1984. The gallery is conveniently located in the downtown area on Dongda Street of  Xi'an and exhibits and sells calligraphy, paintings and f...


Address:355 Dong Dajie,Xincheng District,Xi'an

Shaanxi History Museum (Shaanxi li shi bo wu guan)

Description: This outstanding museum is located just over 1 km northwest of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.  Opened in 1992, the museum building was built in classical Tang style, reputedly on architectural principles specified...


Address:91 Xiaozai Donglu, Xi'an

Shaanxi Library(Shaanxi Sheng Tushuguan Xin Guan)

Description: Shaanxi new library was rebuilt in 1996, but it did not open its doors to the public until 2000. The library is located in the southern suburbs of Xi'an, northwest of Lijiao Bridge. This 47,000 square meter ins...


Address:18 Changan Beilu, Xi'an

Xi'an Art College West Art Gallery (Xi’an Mei Shu Xue Yuan Xi Bu Mei Shu Guan)

Description: Xi'an Art College is located in the southern suburbs of Xi'an, south of Little Wild Goose Pagoda, and west of Big Wild Goose Pagoda. This institution is the only professional art college in the northwest region...


Address:100 South section of Hanguang Lu, Yanta District,Xi'an

Xi'an Building of Books



Address:236 Jiefang Lu,Xincheng District, Xi'an

Xi'an Museum

Museums Yanta District



Address:1 Area, Datang sleepless city, South Square, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, ...

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