Maoling Museum (Mao Ling Bowuguan) [茂陵博物馆]

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Maoling Museum focuses predominately on the history of the Western Han Dynasty. The museum combines cultural relics and ancient constructions in picturesque garden settings. The unearthed relics exhibited in the Museum are mainly from the Mausoleum of Emperor Wu (87 A.D.), the Tomb of Huo Qubing (117 A.D.), and grand Stone Carvings. All provide further evidence of the great extent of creativity and the extensive range of skills the ancient crafts people of China possessed during that period.

The museum displays approximately 4,100 cultural relics, and 14 national-level treasures. Some of these truly unique and precious cultural relics such as the Gilt Bronze Horse, the eaves tile with characters and the stone tiger sculpture have now been exhibited in many countries and regions, and have been viewed with huge enthusiasm. The two main exhibitions display rare cultural relics that emphasize the achievements of Emperor Wu, and general information regarding politics, economy, and military and foreign affairs of the time.

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