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    Address: Yingbin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

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    Address: 1 Yingbin Lu, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Description: Located approximately nine kilometers (five miles) southeast of downtown Dalian, this scenic area offers a diverse range of attractions both natural and manmade, including islets, scenic hills, cliffs, a beach ...

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    Address: north of Xianrendong Town, about 40km north of Dalian

    Description: Approximately 40km north of Dalian is the Bingyu Valley. This 110sqkm valley is often compared to Guilin in southern China for its cloud-obscured, towering peaks, its crystalline rivers, and its caves. This anc...

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    Address: Southeast corner of Dalian, facing the Yellow Sea

    Description: The 40-km-long, coastal Binhai Road was originally constructed in the 1970s for defensive purposes, but it has since been converted into a national scenic area. With its imposing mountain scenery, stunning sea ...

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    Address: Liaohe Xi Lu, Jinzhou District, Dalian

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    Address: 53 Fu Chuang Park, Binhai West Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

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    Address: Binhai Lu, Dalian

    Description: #this_tab td{padding:3px;} Nestled between Baiyunshan and Xiuyuefeng is Fujiazhuang Beach, regarded by many as the best beach in the area. Though at 500 meters the beach is a relatively small stretch of sand, ...

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    Address: Located approximately 60 km northeast of Dalian

    Description: #this_tab td{padding:3px;} Located at the southernmost tip the Liaoning Peninsula, and looking out over the Yellow Sea, the Jinshitan Golden Pebble Beach Scenic Area is located approximately 60 km northeast of...

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    Address: Zhongshan Lu, Xigang District, Dalian

    Description: Like most of China's parks with the same name, Dalian's People's Square is a center for national pride. The Chinese flag flies solemnly over various adjacent government buildings, mounted police patrol the squa...

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    Address: Golden Pebble Beach National Resort District, Dan Feng Lu, Jinzhou ...

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    Address: Qingsong Bei Jie, Jinzhou District, Dalian

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    Address: Xinghai Park, 634 Zhongshan Lu (South-West Road), Shahekou ...

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    Address: Shahekou District, Dalian

    Description: Built to commemorate the return of Hong Kong to China, Xinghai Square is located in the western part of Dalian, in the Xinghai Business District. The square's design is influenced by ancient Chinese beliefs and...

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    Address: Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Description: The Russian-built, centrally located Zhongshan Square is Dalian's best-known landmark. By day, it's popular at lunchtime with workers and officials based in the surrounding offices, but at night, it attracts pe...