Meixi Royal Stone Archways (Zhuhai Meixi Paifang)

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  • Address:广东省珠海市前山镇上冲梅溪村
  • Getting there: Bus No. 26, 41.
  • Contact: 0756-8635652, 8659577  
  • Opening hours: 8:30-18:00
  • Website:
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The Meixi Royal Stone Archways are a series of delicate buildings in the Meixi Village near Qianshan, given to Chen Fang, the Consul to Honolulu by Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty

. Originally there were four of these structures, but unfortunately only three survive today. Chen was born in this village, and went to Honolulu as a young man, becoming the first Chinese millionaire on the island of Oahu. Arriving home in 1890, he was honored by Emperor Guangxu with these buildings, which are decorated with dainty carvings along the roofs and columns. Mottos including 'leshan haoshi' ('ready to help others') and 'zhongcheng' ('loyal') rest alongside animals which represent luck and fortune giving an indication of how important Chen Fang was to the Empire. The buildings are built in Paifang: a traditional Chinese architectural style particularly associated with virtuous and high-minded people.

The three buildings which survive are Meixi Paifang, the former residence of Chen Fang and the Chen's Garden and Cemetery. Each structure is around 12 meters high, encompassing a variety of smaller buildings from Chen's memorial temple, large chambers, a hall, a villa and two temples.

The gardens are considered to be extremely beautiful and are planted with trees which Chen Fang brought back with him from his home on Hawaii. Everyday, there are folk art performances in the scenic surroundings.

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