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Beishan Painter Village

Description: Beishan is famed for the artists who set up their workshops here several years ago. Like St Ives on the south coast of England, or 798 in Beijing, where one workshop opened, others followed and the village is n...


Address:Nanping Town, Zhuhai

Red Sun Gallery

Description: The Red Sun Gallery is popular with locals, as well as visitors from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan who come here to view the exhibitions of calligraphy, portraiture and painting by both Chinese and foreign artist...


Address:No.32-33, China Cultural City, Gongbei Port, Zhuhai

Wenhua Bookstore


It mainly sells books, films, videos, software and stationary. Its reader club is in Ziguang café. Wenhua Book Store also provides online service, which provides delivery service with charges.



Address:B1, International Building, 1013 Yingbin Nanlu, Gongbei, Zhuhai

Xinhua Bookstore

1 Reviews


It sells various books, videos, cultural articles, computer software and foreign magazines.  



Address:Zhuhai Bookstore, 36 Jida Jingle Lu, Zhuhai

Zhuhai Library

Description: In addition to lending books, the Zhuhai library has a literature reading room, multifunctional presentation hall, internet information reading room, electronic education room and presentation hall. There are a...


Address:near Youth, Women and Children Activity Center, Yingbin Beilu, ...

Zhuhai Museum (Zhuhai Shi Bowuguan)

Description: Established in 1999, the Zhuhai Museum in the centre of Zhuhai has a simple, graceful architectural style and is one of the few garden museums in China. It was built to demonstrate Traditional Chinese architect...

Price:RMB 10


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