Zhuhai Mars Lake Cinema [珠海火星湖影城]

  • Address:Ningxi Cultural Square, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
  • Getting there: Bus No. 23
  • Contact: 0756-2356963  
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May 15, 2011 23:48

I am an American living and working in Zhuhai China. I live really close to culture plaza (the location of the cinema) and can tell you it is really great. They offer many movies including international, Hollywood, 3D, and Chinese so some of the movies have English audio.
The area of this cinema is fantastic too, having just gone through renovations and beautification. There are many BBQs where you can enjoy the outdoor sights and sounds, and even relax and drink some beer. If you prefer fast food there is a 24hr KFC and at the time of this post a McDonalds coming soon.
Since culture plaza is the location of several English training schools, it is not uncommon to see many foreigners of different countries and cultures. Don't be afraid to say hello because they are very nice and enjoy learning about Chinese culture and sharing their culture.

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