Association of Taiwanese Investment Enterprises

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Founded in September 1993, the Zhuhai Association of Taiwanese Investment Enterprises now has 160 member enterprises and one subordinate association called the Doumen Friendship Association of Zhuhai Association of Taiwanese Investment Enterprises. The member enterprises of the Zhuhai Association of Taiwanese Investment Enterprises mainly are from industrial categories such as: electronics, telecommunications, precision machinery and electrical appliances, the chemical industry, handicrafts and ornaments, footwear, garments, agriculture and food processing. There are also member enterprises engaged in processing of the materials provided by foreign firms and trade. There are three full-time clerks working in the secretarial division.

Following the motto of serving the members, safeguarding the rights and interests of members and promoting the development of enterprises, the Association actively tries to solve problems for the member enterprises and coordinate the handling of the various problems and difficulties occurring in the processes of production and management. In the past few years, the Association coordinated in the settlement of over one thousand disputes involving traffic and security, exchange controls, entrance and exit at ports, labor and social insurance, economic disputes, collection of taxation, customs clearance and investment environment.

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