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    Address: 78 Xueqian Donglu, Chong'an District, Wuxi

    Description: A typical Sichuan restaurant that offers traditional dishes based on a handy spiciness scale. There are generous portions of everything, and all at a reasonable price. They also have Sichuan opera performances....

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    Address: 1500 Taihu Dadao, Binhu District, Wuxi

    Description: Built in the shape of an aircraft hangar, this huge restaurant has tasty Cantonese and Hangzhou dishes, but don't expect any deals here. The venue is great for intimate gatherings with 400 of your closest frien...

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    Address: 388 Hubin Lu, Wuxi

    Description: The Hubin hotel is blessed with a good location within walking distance of most of Wuxi's most famous sights, around 10 kilometers from the city centre in the heart of the area around Taihu Lake. The hotel has ...

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    Address: 198 Qingyang Lu, Nanchang District, Wuxi


    A high-end restaurant that serves skillfully made Cantonese dishes, fresh seafood and dim sum.  


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    Address: 1 Liangqing Lu, Wuxi

    Description: The Pan Pacific Hotel in Wuxi, is located around 4kilometers from the Wuxi railway station, and has 371 guestrooms all well equipped with a variety of amenities. 24 hour room service is also available, and the ...

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    Address: Meiyuan Huanhu Lu, Taihu Scenic Area, Wuxi

    Description: Perching atop the Mouwanshan - a hilly peak on the banks of Taihu Lake - after which it was named, the Taihu Hotel nestles within several acres of lush garden scenery. The Taihu's 277 rooms range from standard...

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    Address: 88 Chezhan Guangchang, Wuxi

    Description: Overlooking the Jinghang canal, located close to the Wuxi Railway Station, the three-star Wuxi CTS Grand Hotel (Zhonglu dajiudian) has around 131 rooms and a variety of other services including a gymnasium, KTV...

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    Address: 49 Renmin Zhonglu, Wuxi

    Description: This cheap and cheerful youth hostel was the first to open in Wuxi and lies only about one kilometer from the airport. It offers various basic services including wake up calls, travel consultation and a ticket ...

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    Address: 218 Zhongshan Lu, Wuxi

    Description: This four star hotel, situated 2 kilometers from Wuxi Railway Station in the city's commercial and business district has over 300 well equipped rooms all of which have access to the hotel's services including a...

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    Address: 185 Renmin Lu, Wuxi

    Description: The Wuxi Wuchan Grand Hotel sits downtown near Wuxi railway station and 25 kilometers from the airport. The rooms are well equipped with air-conditioning, telephones and television. 10 banqueting rooms are loca...

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    Address: affiliated 8-9, 3 Xiangyang Lu, Nanchan Temple, Wuxi


    The specialties here are 'stinky' tofu, anise-flavor beans (hui xiang dou) and pork belly with greens (mei cai kou rou).