Xikai Catholic Church (Mission CatholiQue de Tientsin) [西开天主教堂]

  • Address:9 Xining Dao, Heping District, Tianjin
  • Contact: 022-27811929  
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Done in blocks of alternating red and white bricks, Xikai church is a reminder of Tianjin's religious history. Long stained-glass windows are set behind white Roman columns, allowing the light to streak through to the floor of the worship hall within. A well-maintained shrine to Jesus and Mary sit in an outside garden; but though the church is still a lovely monument to the French missionaries who built it nearly a century ago, the ravages of time are apparent if you look hard enough.

Add: Dushan Lu, Binjiang Dao, Heping District, Tianjin
Tel: 022-21929

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Aspi Maneckjee
Jan 17, 2012 21:25


Aspi Maneckjee
Dec 28, 2011 02:06

My name is Aspi Maneckjee, and I am a Canadian Citizen from Nova Scotia.? On November 11th, 2009, I married a Chinese lady HUIYING SHEN from Tianjin at?the above?marriage office.? After the marriage and completion of the Immigration papers, my wife told me that she only married me to get Immigration Visa for Canada, and our marriage was not consummated, as she went on putting it off with excuses.
Briefly: I had come 13,000 km to marry my wife with true love and care, and I was very hurt and I did not agree with her proposal.? After that, she and her?Catholic Church sister and mother beat me up, broke my glasses and soaked me with water and took all my identities, immigration papers, marriage book?and money.? Then firstly I was starved for 2 days, ?and later for 3 days, and I was told that they would move me to a cold place from my room at the?Green Tree hotel if I did not comply.? During the last days in Tianjin ?I managed to get in touch with Canadian Consulate in Beijing, and to their advice I escaped to Beijing before my wife could move me to an isolated place, and most likely?kill me by starvation and cold, to get immigration Visa and my assets in Canada.
I have lost all contact with my wife for a long time now, after she was refused Canadian Immigration Visa.? Her address on Chinese Identity card is not correct, also she has a FBI Criminal Record and had stayed in New York for over 10 years illegally, and was deported to China in 2001.??I married my wife with love and trust and she deceived me.? She robbed me of all my identities, bank cards, money and ?my air ticket, and I had further over $3000 in expenses in Beijing, getting new passport, and papers, air ticket etc. to return home safely.
I am also aware that my wife had entertained an American man from Florida in May of 2009 in Tianjin and Beijing, and it seems that this is the way she makes a living, and?according to her last email few months ago?she wanted? 140,000 yuan (RMB)?from me to get the divorce.? Also she wanted me to come to Tianjin; but, after what happened I am afraid of loosing my life to go there.
I request your help in striking our marriage from your registry, so both of us are free to marry and continue our lives.
My wife last e-mail address was as follows:
She has no home address as far as I know; but, she receives her mail at the following address:
SHEN HuiYing
BLDG#7-1-304 Taihuali
Yueyang Road, Heping District
Canadian Immigration File number B057228275 (DED)
My wife is a member of this church and a best friend of Church sister and mother. I want to know the contact information about her, Can someone please help.
Yours truly,
Aspi Maneckjee.

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