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Aaron's Kitchen

Description: Aaron is an Aussie expat who's set up shop in the beautiful park of Dui Shan Gong Yuan (now known as Nan Cui Ping Park). He runs a small cosy restaurant there called "Aaron's Kitchen" that serves western style ...

Price:80 RMB

Address:265 Hongqi Nanlu,inside Nancuiping park,Nankai District,Tianjin

Ali Baba

2 Reviews

Description: Ali Baba (not to be confused with the ex-pat bar on Tong An Dao, Heping district) is located on the second floor of the Olympic Stadium complex at Weijin Nan Lu. The interior feels like a traditional Indian res...


Address: 2F, Sports Hotel, 90 Weijin Nan Lu, Nankai District, Tianjin


Description: The two best descriptions of the pizza on offer at Ali Baba's are “mixed” and “cheap”. The most expensive on the menu is just 38 RMB. However, in a few cases this proves to be something of a false economy. ...

Price:50 RMB

Address:Inside Weihuali Community, alley across from the Bengon’s, Tong’an...


Description: Welcome to Aulare, where the flavors of Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and South and Central American are completely at home in China. It’s everything an exotic journey should be, while only an arm’s len...

Price:85 RMB

Address:Magnetic Plaza, Building A4, Floor 2-16, Nankai District, Tianjin


3 Reviews

Description: Bawarchi is located in the business complex of Shanggu, on Tianta Road, near the TV Tower. It can be found on the third floor, at the back of the West building, and although it might take a little exploring to...

Price:120 - 150 RMB per person

Address:No. 69, 3F, Building B, West Section of Shanggu Commercial Street, ...

Be For Time

Description: Add: 5 Xinshijie Community, Rongye Dadao, Heping District, Tianjin Tel: 400-720-0218 ,022-27350221 Balitai Branch Add: Huali Video Game Hall, Balitai Overpass, Hexi District, Tianjin Tel: 022-23370035 Heping B...



Boston Home



Address:104 Yingkou Street, Heping District, Tianjin

Brazilian Barbeque (Baxi Kaorou)


A Brazilian barbecue buffet restaurant. Flat rate of RMB48/person. Salad, soups and vegetable dishes available, but this is mostly a place for the carnivorous. Draft beers for RMB5.


Price:50 RMB

Address:171, Weijin Lu, Tianjin

Brother Barbecue


Price:45 RMB

Address:40 Xihucun Avenue,Anshan Xidao,Nankai District,Tianjin

Cafe Momo

1 Reviews

Description: Cafe Momo is a small, quaint cafe located in the Sunshine SoHo 100 apartment complex in the Nankai district of Tianjin. It seats about 20 people and has outdoor seating for warm weather days. They play English ...

Price:30 RMB

Address:(Near Huayuan Nan) Gate 7, Building 3, Yangguang 100 International ...

Car Park

Description: First of all, we should establish that 'Car Park' is not actually the name of this well-known shwar hangout. It is merely known as such by expats in Tianjin as it is located in the car park of the Home Inn on W...


Address:Home Inn Courtyard, Weijin Lu, 50m north of Tianjin TV Tower

Dengyinglou Restaurant


The service is lacking and the parking is inconvenient, but the chef knows his Shandong food. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of one of the frequent Chinese wedding banquets held there.



Address:284 Shanxi Lu, Tianjin

Dio Coffee(Dagang Branch)


Price:55 RMB

Address:75 Yuxiu Jie, Binhai New District, Tianjn

FLO Brasserie



Address:37 Guangfu dao, near Xinyi Jie, Hebei District, Tianjin

Galilee Pizza House


Quality pizza that tastes like American pizza. Served in a square (as opposed to a round pie) with English language service and speedy delivery.


Price:20 RMB

Address:12 Xinmei Dao, Nankai District,Tianjin

Gold Pizza(Weijin Lu Branch)

1 Reviews

Description: This Korean owned chain of pizza restaurants is one of the most economical options in Tianjin – a full 12 inch pizza can come for as little as 68 RMB. However, despite the low prices, Gold Pizza can be surpris...

Price:55 RMB

Address:Ground Floor, Caifu Building, 127 Weijin Lu, Heping District, Tianjin

Gou Bouli

Description: Having lived in Tianjin for over three years, it is with a sense of obligation, rather than genuine adoration, that I include Gou Bouli in the list. This is as much out of tradition as it is from any culinary m...


Address:16 Jinlong Apartment, Shuisang Beilu, close to Tianjin Water Park, ...

Gou Bu Li Restaurant (Water Flagship Branch)

Local Cuisine Nankai



Address:16 Jinlong Apartment, Shuishang Beilu, close to Tianjin Water Park, ...

Hank's Sports Bar & Grill

Description: Catering to the rowdy business professional, Hank's offers a menu that ranges from bar food (Deep fried chicken tenders with honey mustard dip - RMB22) to burgers and sandwiches (Tex-Mex grilled roast beef san...

Price:75 RMB

Address:B-56 Joy Business District (below Aichi Dental Clinic), Tianta Lu, ...

Hank's Sports Bar & Grill

International Nankai



Address:Building B, Number 56, Shang Gu Commercial District, Tianta Dao, ...

Haru Haru (Caiyue City Sunshine Paradise Branch)

Japanese Hexi

Description: Haru Haru (Shidai Aocheng Branch) 通天阁新派料理(时代奥城店) Add: 天津市南开区宾水西道时代奥城商业广场18号楼126号(近易买得超市) 126 Building 18, Shidai Aocheng Commercial Plaza, Binshui Xidao, Nankai District, ...


Address:1B-04 1F, Caiyue City Sun Park Shopping Center, Tianjin Cultural ...

Harvest Coffee & Book

Description: Full coffee menu and Spanish and Italian fare. Grilled panini goes for RMB26, Saturday brunch specials for around RMB30, and large espresso for RMB17. English language books, magazines and periodicals are free ...

Price:28 RMB

Address:191 Yingshui Dao, Nankai District, Tianjin

Helen’s Café



Address:23 Heyan Dao, Heping District, Tianjin

Hongqi Restaurant

Description: Delicious local flavor at more than reasonable prices. Expect to pay around RMB30 per person. House specialties include "sautéed shrimp" and "sweet and sour fried pork or chicken". The service leaves something...



Hongqishun Restaurant

Description: In 1935, the Yangtze river flooded disastrously, and three brothers - Zuo Honglin, Zuo Hongfa and Li Zhangqi - fled to Tianjin to escape the rising waters. The three men, all Muslims, decided to open a namele...


Address:688 Dagu Nanlu, Hexi District, Tianjin

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