Venezia Club [威尼斯酒吧]

| 5 Reviews | 115 RMB | Bars
  • Address:48 Ziyou Dao, Former Italian Concession Area, Hebei District, Tianjin
  • Getting there: Take bus No.5,8,605,634,635,638,639,645,676,802,832,836,905,961 to Former Italian Concession Area stop
  • Contact: 022 8761 3413, 131 3226 3763  
  • Opening hours: 11:00-24:00
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Venezia is situated in the heart of the newly-renovated 'Italian Style Town'. The pizzas here are very good, and, boast a definite Italian flavor. Unlike many local eateries, the sauces are rich and plentiful, and the bases are light and crisp. The selection on offer is also impressive, featuring a large variety of toppings and other options such as calzones. Of that selection, the pepperoni, the onion and the mushroom pizzas are fantastic, but the meat pizza can get a little heavy and greasy. They are also reasonably priced with many coming in at less than 50 RMB for a 9 inch base.

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Alvise Dozza
Oct 05, 2011 22:59

Buongiorno Sig. Renato,
sono stato da lei a mangiare avrei bisogno della sua mail per mandarle una comunicazione

fiorella minervino
Apr 03, 2011 04:03

Bravissimo, gentile, ottima cucina, come posso avere la sua email per inviarle la foto con la sua compagna? Grazie ancora Fiorella Minervino

Mar 29, 2011 21:37

Buon giorno vorrei sapere la sua email per inviarle la foto alla mostra di Omar. grazie Fio minervino

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