Jiangxi Hongji Real Estate Co., LTD

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Jiangxi Hongji Real Estate company focuses on the sale & leasing of housing, mortgages, and processing of ownership. The 2001 established agency has a number of chains, but its main location is centrally located in Nanchang.

Inquire Hotline: 0791-6264626
Phone for Complaints: 0791-2169888
After sale Services: 0791-8021369
Phone for Mortgage: 013807915231
Inquire for Transfer: 013064139381

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Yien Oei
May 20, 2012 21:20

I am a Singaporean,keen in the purchase of the property.Following are my quiries:-

1)Selling price of the property
2)Foreigners eligible?
3)Procedure for purchase and loan
4)Pictures of the property?

Thank you,


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