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Agricultural Bank of China (ABC)

Description: Hongzhou Sub-Branch Add: 46 Bayi Dadao, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6635794 Dieshan Sub-Branch Add: 436 Dieshan Lu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6768834 Yuzhang Sub-Branch Add: 446 Bayi Dadao, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6801994 Xiangbei ...


Address:299 Zhongshan Lu, Nanchang

Bank of China

1 Reviews

Description: Guangchang Sub-Branch Add: 188-192 Bayi Dadao, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6303054 Qinghu Sub-Branch Add: 52 Huoju Dadao, Qingshanhu District, Nanchang Tel: 0791-8103343 Donghu Sub-Branch Add: 86 Erqi Beilu, Donghu Dist...


Address:1 Zhanqian Xilu, Nanchang

China Construction Bank (CCB)

Description: Beijing Xilu Sub-Branch Add: 369 Beijing Xilu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-8510340 Gaoxin Sub-Branch Add: 696 Gaoxin Dadao, Nanchang Tel: 0791-8383129 Huoju Sub-Branch Add: 89 Huoju Dadao, The New Hi-Tech Development Zo...


Address:366 Bayi Dadao, Nanchang

China Merchants Bank

Description: Beijing Xilu Sub-Branch Add: 117 Beijing Xilu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6300074 Office hrs: 8:00-17:30 Dieshan Lu Sub-Branch Add: 128 Dieshan Lu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6257070 Office hrs: 8:00-17:30 Qingshanhu Sub-Branc...


Address:162 Bayi Dadao, Nanchang

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

Description: Nanchang Branch Add: 206 Zhongshan Lu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6385449 Zhanqian Lu Sub-Branch Add: 44 Zhanqian Lu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6108310 Beijing Xilu Sub-Branch Add: 158 Beijing Xilu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6391051...


Address:233 Fuhe Beilu, Nanchang

Jiangxi Langqiu Law Firm

Description: Jiangxi Langqiu Law Firm was established in 1993. The firm holds more than 20 full time lawyers, and most of them are senior and junior lawyers. The firm has been awarded the "Advance Unit" and the "Outstanding...


Address:2F, 461 Xiangshan Nanlu, Xihu District, Nanchang

Jiangxi Yuzhang Law Firm

Description: Jiangxi Yuzhang Law Firm was established in 2000 by a number of well-established attorneys. Its lawyers have graduated from top-ranking universities such as China University of Politics and Law, Wuhan Universit...


Address:5F, Jiangxi Xinwen Dasha, 177 Fuhe Beilu, Xihu District, Nanchang

Nanchang City Commercial Bank


Zhangshan Sub-Branch Add: 18 Yangming Lu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6814930

Bianmin Sub-Branch Add: 1060 Jinggangshan Dadao, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6490336



Address:159 Zhongshan Lu, Nanchang

Zhonglei Accounting Firm, Jiangxi Branch

Description: Zhonglei Accounting Firm was founded in 2001 with the approval of Finance Department of Jiangxi Province. This branch offers many services including assessments and audit certificates. Its CPA comes with extens...


Address:7F, Caizheng Dalou, 470 Zhongshan Lu, Xihu District, Nanchang

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