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Agricultural Bank of China (ABC)

Description: Hongzhou Sub-Branch Add: 46 Bayi Dadao, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6635794 Dieshan Sub-Branch Add: 436 Dieshan Lu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6768834 Yuzhang Sub-Branch Add: 446 Bayi Dadao, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6801994 Xiangbei ...


Address:299 Zhongshan Lu, Nanchang

Bank of China

1 Reviews

Description: Guangchang Sub-Branch Add: 188-192 Bayi Dadao, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6303054 Qinghu Sub-Branch Add: 52 Huoju Dadao, Qingshanhu District, Nanchang Tel: 0791-8103343 Donghu Sub-Branch Add: 86 Erqi Beilu, Donghu Dist...


Address:1 Zhanqian Xilu, Nanchang

China Construction Bank (CCB)

Description: Beijing Xilu Sub-Branch Add: 369 Beijing Xilu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-8510340 Gaoxin Sub-Branch Add: 696 Gaoxin Dadao, Nanchang Tel: 0791-8383129 Huoju Sub-Branch Add: 89 Huoju Dadao, The New Hi-Tech Development Zo...


Address:366 Bayi Dadao, Nanchang

China Merchants Bank

Description: Beijing Xilu Sub-Branch Add: 117 Beijing Xilu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6300074 Office hrs: 8:00-17:30 Dieshan Lu Sub-Branch Add: 128 Dieshan Lu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6257070 Office hrs: 8:00-17:30 Qingshanhu Sub-Branc...


Address:162 Bayi Dadao, Nanchang

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

Description: Nanchang Branch Add: 206 Zhongshan Lu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6385449 Zhanqian Lu Sub-Branch Add: 44 Zhanqian Lu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6108310 Beijing Xilu Sub-Branch Add: 158 Beijing Xilu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6391051...


Address:233 Fuhe Beilu, Nanchang

Nanchang City Commercial Bank


Zhangshan Sub-Branch Add: 18 Yangming Lu, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6814930

Bianmin Sub-Branch Add: 1060 Jinggangshan Dadao, Nanchang Tel: 0791-6490336



Address:159 Zhongshan Lu, Nanchang

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