August 1st Nanchang Uprising Memorial Museum (Bayi Nanchang Qiyi Jinianguan) [八一南昌起义纪念馆]

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In late July 1927, the 96 guestrooms of the Jiangxi Grand Hotel in Nanchang were booked by a group of Communist troops planning the uprising that was to result in the takeover of the city from Kuomintang control. During their stay at the hotel, the troops established the Front Committee of the Communist Party of China with Zhou Enlai as its secretary. The Front Committee used the hotel as its headquarters and held several meetings there in subsequent years. Consequently it is thought of by many as the birthplace of the People's Liberation Army.

In 1957, the hotel was converted into the August 1st Nanchang Uprising Memorial Museum, memorializing this pivotal point in China's history and preserving many of the most important rooms in the building. Points of interest inside the museum include the Assembly Hall where the Committee was first formed, Zhou Enlai's work room, Lin Boqu's study and the bedrooms of the 1st Division Guards of the 20th Army. The history of the time is explained through documents, photographs, charts and drawings.

The museum was newly renovated, reopening in 2007.

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