Lhasa Long Distance Bus Station (Lhasa Changtu Qiche Zhan )

  • Address: intersection of Jinzhu Lu and Minzu Lu, Lhasa
  • Contact: 0891-682469  
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There are five main highways in Tibet. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway stretches east to link Lhasa with Chengdu; the Yunnan-Tibet Highway also goes east, following the same route as the Sichuan Highway as far as Markam, then heading southeast into northern Yunnan; the Qinghai-Tibet Highway provides northerly road access to Xining, the Qinghai capital, via Golmud; the Xinjiang-Tibet Highway travels through western Tibet into the far west of Xinjiang province; and the China-Nepal Highway goes southwest and crosses the border into Nepal about 110km from the Nepalese capital Kathmandu. For entry to or exit from Tibet, only the Qinghai-Tibet and China-Nepal Highways can be used by for...

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