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Agricultural Bank of China

Description: • Kang'ang Donglu Sub-branch Add: 10 Kang'ang Donglu, Lhasa Tel: 0891-6338084 • Jokhang Temple Square Office Add: Jokhang Temple Square, Lhasa Tel: 0891-6323719 • Military Area Office Add: inside Military Ar...


Address:10 Kang'ang Donglu, Lhasa

Bake Tilly Tibet Ltd.

Description: Set up in December 2006, it is the only member office of Bake Tilly International in Tibet, and the largest and most influential CPA company in Tibet. Services include auditing, assessment of capital, project p...


Address:B3 Building, Shengcheng Garden, 80 Sela Lu, Chengguan District, Lhasa

Bank of China

Description: • Lhasa Branch Add: 1 Najin Lu, Lhasa. Tel: 0891-6336558 • Kang'angduo Sub-branch Add: 8 Kang'angduo Lu, Lhasa Tel: 0891-6326361 • Linkuo Beilu Sub-branch Add: 23 Linkuo Beilu, Lhasa • Duosenge Beilu Sub-br...


Address:28 Linkuo Xilu, Lhasa

China Construction Bank

Description: • Beijing Donglu Office of Chongji Lu Sub-branch Add: 65 Linkuo Donglu, Lhasa Tel: 0891-6332933 • Niangre Lu Office of Linkuo Beilu Sub-branch Add: 20 Niangre Lu, Lhasa Tel: 0891-6820317 • Zhaji Lu Office of...



Tibet Hengfeng Law Firm

Description: Scopes: WTO, foreign investment, corporate taxation, workplace injury, IPR, bankruptcy, clearance and settlement, futures, trademark law, new-high tech, banking, mortgage, news media, international law, interna...


Address:2F, Xiongbala Hotel, 28 Jiangsu Lu, Chengguan District, Lhasa.

Tibet Snowland Law Firm

Description: Scopes: finance, agriculture, real estate, state compensation, contract law, company law, IPR, financing, WTO, copyright law, risk investment, corporate taxation, personal tax designing, restructuring of compan...


Address:5F, Tama Xiaoqu, Zangda Lu, Chengguan District, Lhasa

Tibet Weihao Law Firm

Description: Scopes: fund, contract law, IPR, maritime disputes, company clearance and settlement, mortgage, restructuring, international trade, insurance, heritage, ecommerce, sports/entertainment, labor, personal taxation...


Address:36 Linkuo Donglu, Chengguan District, Lhasa

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