Tibet Museum (Xizang Bowuguan) [西藏博物馆]

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  • Address:19 Luobulinka Lu, Chengguan District, Lhasa
  • Getting there: 102, 109
  • Contact: 0891-6835244  
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The Tibet Museum, officially inaugurated in October 1999, is devoted to the history and culture of Tibet. The building, reflecting traditional Tibetan architectural styles, houses displays on two floors. On the first floor are displays relating to Tibetan history and natural resources; the exhibits on the second floor relate to Tibetan religion, folk customs, treasures and arts and crafts.

The history displays cover Tibetan pre-history and successive dynastic periods of Tibetan history, including extensive information on the relationship between the Chinese central government and the Tibetan regional powers and the history of the relationship between the Han and Zang (Tibetan) people.

The cultural section includes displays on the development of Tibetan-script books, documents and scrolls, Tibetan theater, musical instruments, medicine, astronomy and calendrical reckoning, Tibetan sculpture, and thanka (fabric painting).

The arts and crafts exhibits provide insights into Tibetan life through displays of Tibetan people's costumes, items of daily life, arts and handicrafts, means of communication and so on. The exhibits also reflect the friendly relations of Tibetan people with those on their borders, including the influence of Han culture on Tibetan culture and the mutual influence and interpenetration of these two traditions.

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