Milan Western Restaurant [米兰西餐]

  • Address:Floor 5, Jindi Mansion, 437-451 Jiuquan Road, Chengguan Area, Lanzhou, Gansu
    兰州城关区酒泉路 437-451 金地大厦五楼
  • Contact: 093 1810 3882
  • Opening hours: 09:00-24:00
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Lanzhou's only foreign owned and run Western restaurant. Come and enjoy some authentic Western food. Pizza, Steak, Pasta, Cakes, Coffee and more...

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Dallas Cox
Feb 13, 2012 23:54

I pass through LZ a few times a year on business. Can recomend Milan for the best coffee in LZ. I went there for breakfast.... stayed for lunch and dinner.... great food, great music, great service. I'm coming back in March. Cheers Dallas.

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