• | 0 Reviews | Taoism

    Address: South of Binhe Zhonglu, Lanzhou

    Description: Baiyun Guan was built in 1837 by a local magistrate in honor of Lu Dongbin, the drunken scholar who rejected his indulgent ways and turned towards the Tao, eventually becoming one of the eight Taoist immortals....

  • | 0 Reviews | Islam


    Description: Xiguan Mosque was originally built by a Muslim merchant in the Ming Dynasty during the reign of the Hongwu or the Yongle emperor. Rebuilt in 1990, the mosque continues to hold services today, and sightseeing i...

  • | 0 Reviews | Taoism

    Address: Xijin Xilu, Qilihe District, Lanzhou


    Jintian, also known as Leitan Temple, holds a lively and widely-attended temple fair on August 8th every year. Admission: RMB 15 Opening hrs: 8:00-17:00


  • | 0 Reviews | Buddhism

    Address: Wuquanshan Park, 77 Wuquan Nanlu, Lanzhou


    Also known as "Chongning Temple", the most interesting attraction here is a gnarled tree that was planted in the courtyard during the Ming Dynasty. Admission: RMB 6 Opening hrs: 6:00-18:00


  • | 0 Reviews | Christianity

    Address: 96 Zhangye Lu, Lanzhou

  • | 0 Reviews | Catholicism

    Address: 328 Jinchang Nanlu, Lanzhou