Gansu Provincial Museum (Gansu Bowuguan) [甘肃博物馆]

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  • Address:3 Xijin Xilu, Lanzhou
  • Getting there: 1, 31, 32, 41, 50, 51, 53, 58
  • Contact: 0931- 2333300, 8419863  
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Built by the Soviet Union in 1956, this massive museum fascinates visitors as much for its design as its contents. Its three separate buildings contain 13 exhibition halls, and are linked together by corridors. It houses historical relics like fossils, ethnic artifacts and specimens of natural resources. Among its showpieces is The Bronze Galloping Horse of Gansu, an 1,800-year-old statue discovered in Wuwei in 1969.

Numerous treasures unearthed along the Silk Road are also on display, including a one-and-a-half meter high statue of a Tang Dynasty

warrior, a gilded silver plate that portrays the Greek god of wine, and a prehistoric 4m-tall mammoth, whose remains were excavated from the Yellow River basin in 1973.

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