Gaoliyuan [高丽园]

  • Address:84 Guixin Jie, Nangang District, Harbin
  • Getting there: 88, 82, 57, 63, 92, 104, 64, 107 at Xidaqiao stop
  • Contact: 0451-86221888  
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Gaoliyuan restaurants are found all over Harbin. The chain is known for its consistently good food. Various delicacies making the board on daily basis include steamed oxtail, smoked filet slices, roasted sliced pork, cold noodles, miso soup, rice soup and steamed rice. The average meal price is RMB 38 to 80/person.
Changjiang Branch
Add: 71Changjiang Lu, Harbin Tel: 0451-87007488

Shiji Branch
Add: 87Huashan Lu, Harbin Tel: 0451-82308282

Gexin Branch
Add: 194Gexin Jie, Harbin Tel: 0451-82644646

Daoli Branch
Add: 20Huapu Jie, Harbin Tel: 0451-84597488

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