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Agricultural Bank of China

Description: Daowai Sub-branch Add: Beisidao Jie, Harbin Tel: 0451-88383760 Nangang Sub-branch Add: Fendou Lu, Harbin Tel: 0451-53640742 Bingcheng Sub-branch Add: Xuanhua Jie, Harbin Tel: 0451-82718646 Xiqiao Sub-branch Add...


Address:131 Xidazhi Jie, Nangang District, Harbin

Bank of China

Description: Daowai Sub-branch Add: 280 Jingyang Jie, Harbin Tel: 0451-88322277 Daoli Sub-branch Add: 501-3 Youyi Lu, Daoli District, Harbin Tel: 0451-84613554 Nangang Sub-branch Add: 203 Dongdazhi Jie, Harbin Tel: 0451-536...


Address:19 Hongjun Jie, Nangang District, Harbin

China Construction Bank

Description: Central Office of Xinyang Sub-branch Add: 49 Gaoyi Jie, Daoli District, Harbin Tel: 0451-84671923 Zhujiang Office of Xiangfang Sub-branch Add: 022 Zhujiang Lu, Xiangfang District, Harbin Tel: 0451-55633477 Xuan...


Address:67 Hongjun Jie, Nangang District, Harbin

Dragon Impressions (MM2H) SDN BHD

Legal services  |  Travel agencies Nangang

Description: We are one of the experienced visa agent in China Harbin. Last year 2013 we have been helped 42 different countries applicants to apply their visa. If you have any visa issue in china. Please do not hesitate to...


Address:Nangang District QiaoDong Street 31

Goodwill Certified Public Accountants

Description: Goodwill CPA was established in 1992. Its comprehensive services include auditing, capital assessment, accounting, investment and financing consulting, M&A and management consulting, designing accounting system...


Address:36 Songshan Lu, Nangang District, Harbin

Harbin Commercial Bank

Description: Daoli Sub-branch Add: Gongchang Jie, Harbin Tel: 0451-84647612 Xinyang Square Sub-branch Add: Jingwei Jie, Harbin Tel: 0451-84221704 Jingwei Sub-branch Add: Jingwei Wudao Jie, Harbin Tel: 0451-84218556 Juxing S...


Address:160 Shangzhi Dajie, Daoli District, Harbin

Heilongjiang Gaosheng Lawyer Group

Description: This firm provides consultations in corporate law, real estate, civil and business arbitration and litigation, administrative restructuring, residential mortgages, loans, IPR, financing, insurance and securitie...


Address:75 Changjiang Lu, Nangang District, Harbin

Heilongjiang Meng Fanxu Lawyer' s Office

Description: Meng Fanxu is one of the largest law firms in Heilongjiang, handling labor disputes, medical malpractice, traffic accidents, finance, insurance, taxation, real estate, securities and stocks, corporate bankruptc...


Address:241 Xidazhi Jie, Nangang District, Harbin

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Description: Office hours: 9:00 a.m.-17:30 p.m. (Mon.-Fri.) Development Zone Sub-branch Tel: 0451-82614516 Harbin Railway Bureau Sub-branch Add: 132 Haicheng Jie, Nangang District, Harbin Tel: 0451-86237911 Dazhi Sub-branch...



Jianxing Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd.

Description: Jianxing CPA was established in 1994. Its goal is to provide efficient and friendly services, which include auditing, accounting, capital assessment, credit assessment, profit assessment, tax consulting, and re...


Address:10F, Yinheng Building, 347 Tongda Jie, Daoli District, Harbin

Shanghai PuDong Development Bank

Description: Dongli Sub-branch Add: Lesong Shopping Square, 8 Sanda Dongli Lu, Dongli District, Harbin Tel: 0451-55522009 Nangang Sub-branch Add: 322 Huayuan Jie, Nangang District, Harbin Tel: 0451-55522035 Daoli Sub-branch...


Address:200 Hanshui Lu, Kaifa District, Harbin

Tiangong Lawyer

Description: Established in 1994, Tiangong Lawyer specializes in construction projects, finance, IPR, WTO, agency economy, labor arbitration and administrative reconsideration and other administrative litigation. Fax: 0451 ...


Address:33 Shike Jie, Nangang District, Harbin

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