KCS Management & Consultancy (China) Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch [凯誉管理咨询(中国)有限公司杭州分公司]

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  • Address:Room 305-01, 3rd Floor, 15 Hang Dalu, Xihu District, Hangzhou Jiahua International Business Center, 15 Hangda Road, Hangzhou 310007, China
    中国杭州市西湖区杭大路15号 嘉华国际商务中心3楼305-01室 邮编:310007
  • Contact: +86 571 2689 2539   china@kcs.com
  • Website: www.kcs.com
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KCS is one of Asia’s leading independent corporate services companies. We specialise in corporate accounting, corporate secretarial, payroll solutions, trust and wealth advisory services as well as tailored solutions for the asset management industry.

We offer unrivalled industry experience and expertise combined with the collective wisdom that comes from over 460 experts based in 14 locations across Asia. We are large enough to handle any size of project, but small enough to ensure that every assignment is based on personal trust and commitment – a combination rarely seen in business today.

More and more companies from around the world are partnering with KCS. We know that if we look after their success, our own will follow.

Discover the difference total peace of mind can make to your business.

Knowledge. Commitment. Success.

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