Shan Na Na [姗娜娜足浴]

  • Address: 326 Hushu Nanlu, Gonghshu District, hangzhou
  • Contact: 0571 8839 3836  
  • Opening hours: 11:00 - 02:00
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Opened in 2000, Shan Na Na (姗娜娜) is another excellent massage chain in Hangzhou, with over ten locations in the town and many others throughout Zhejiang Province. This is also maybe the only Hangzhou-based massage chain with locations in the United Sates. Since 2008, Shan Na Na has operated in Los Angeles. While Bo Na Cai Ba is a place where you get a massage and leave, Shan Na Na markets itself as more of a spa where you can a few hours relaxing.
Shan Na Na is a bit pricier than Bo Na Cai Ba, but the atmosphere is more relaxed (the locations showcase dynastic furniture and decorations), and the snack options are more diverse. At Shan Na Na, you can order actual food, while Bo Na Cai Ba doesn't offer much beyond candy and tea. Expect to pay around 108 RMB for a standard 90-minute back massage here. Meanwhile, a foot massage (of which there are many types) will cost around 98 RMB for 90 minutes. While we've listed three below, there are ten locations in Hangzhou, you can call their Hushu Road branch to find the location most convenient to you.

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