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    Address: 225 Beijing Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

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    Address: 200 Fangcun Da Dao (near Liwan Police Station), Liwan District, ...

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    Address: B1 Fllor, 64 Shamian Dajie, Liwan District, Guangzhou

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    Address: 64 Shamian Dajie, Guangzhou

    Description: Art Gallery 64 specializes in art from various countries and cultures with an emphasis on highly-skilled representative painters . Most of the time, it specializes in oil paintings, but at times, it displays no...

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    Address: 1/F, Yiyaju Building, 8 Jianshe Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

    Description: Atom Space Gallery displays and sells oil paintings of the Lingnan school. The Lingnan school of painting is a traditional Chinese styles that came into being in the late Qing Dynasty. Its subjects include gall...

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    Address: Fei Galery, 12nd Floor, Estate Plaza, 5 Nonglinxia Lu, Yuexiu ...

    Description: In classical Chinese, Fei means door or portal. So, the name of this gallery is meant to convey that it is a portal or a door to the daily art world of Guangzhou. The Gallery displays paintings, calligraphy and...

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    Address: 38 Yanyu Lu, Er-sha Island, Dongshan District, Guangzhou

    Description: This enormous museum has 12 exhibition halls that show works in mediums ranging from photography to sculpture to abstract paintings. There is a great deal to see; so much so that it makes sense to visit more th...

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    Address: 1F, 11 of Guigang Sanma Lu, Dongshankou, Yuexiu Distrist, Guangzhou

    Description: Leona Craig Art is a leading gallery of art from modern China, on-line with a physical gallery in Guangzhou (Canton), China. We offer art by some of the top living artists, in their fields, including oil painti...

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    Address: 257 Changgang Donglu, Haizhu District,Guangzhou

    Description: The Lingnan painting School Memorial is a museum that specializes in collecting and displaying Lingnan painting style works of art. The Lingnan school of painting is a traditional Chinese style that came into b...

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    Address: 128 Yuancun Siheng Lu (Linjiang Da Dao entrance, Meilin Hai'an west ...

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    Address: 397 Xingang Zhong Lu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

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    Address: 124 Gexin Lu (near Jinbi Wan), Haizhu District, Guangzhou

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    Address: Rose Garden, Huangbianbei Lu, Baiyun Ave, Baiyun District, Guangzhou