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    Address: 36 Jinshi Lu, Jinshitan guojia Luyoudujia District, Dalian

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    Address: 9 Binhai Lu, Zhongshan District, Zhengzhou

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    Address: 39 Wanghai Jie, Dalian

  • | 0 Reviews | RMB 10 (Apr to Oct) ; RMB 7 (Nov – March) | Parks

    Address: 623 Zhongshan Lu, Dalian

    Description: This natural paradise comprises an 800-meter-long stretch of sand and a massive park area that's decorated with beautiful flowers and foliage. Visitors can reach the cliff tops for a panoramic view of the bay. ...

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    Address: Jinshitan National Tourism Resort Area, Dalian

    Description: Located near the Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort, the Jinshi-Discovery Kingdom Theme Park comprises six scenic areas: Wedding Paradise, Discovery Square, the Castle of Legends, the Enchanted Forest,...

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    Description: #this_tab td{padding:3px;} This massive, popular ocean park offers a world of activity and learning for all the family. It is one of Dalian's major tourist attractions, and boasts a number of special features ...

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    Address: 3 Hutan Jie, Zhongshan District, Dalian

    Description: The Laohutan Polar Aquarium is the latest addition to the Laohutan Tiger Ocean Park. It gives people a rare chance to see the creatures that live at the antipodes of the earth. It has 11 different species of po...

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    Address: Lvshan Xiang, 5 Jiefang Lu, Dalian

    Description: Nestled against the foot of Lushan Mountain, locals and visitors throng this city park whenever the weather permits. Among its many attractions are lotus ponds, cherry woods, babbling brooks, Chinese pavilions,...