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Binghuolou Restaurant


Huge dining room, enclosed private dining rooms and a picture menu as thick as a dictionary.


Price:RMB 50-100

Address:271 Jiefang Donglu, Changsha

Golden Sun Restaurant

Description: Golden Sun is reminiscent of a Chinese fast-food restaurant, and boasts over 20 chains city-wide. Serves cheap and savory Changsha fare in a cookie-cutter environment with plastic chairs and fluorescent lights....

Price:RMB 30-50

Address:168 Chezhan Beilu, Furong District, Changsha

Laomeiyuan Shrimp Restaurant

Description: This specialty restaurant serves different-sized bowls of giant prawns in the shell, cooked in a variety of styles, though the most common preparation involves oil, chilies, and spices. Large/med/small bows: RM...

Price:RMB 40-70

Address:42 Yinxing Lu,Wangchengpo Mall, Yuelu District, Changsha

Quyuan Restaurant


Specialty dishes include Pork tendons in cream, Squirrel-shaped Mandarin Fish, and Fried Beef Stomach with Yulan.


Price:RMB 60-80

Address:127 Cai'e Zhonglu, Furong District, Changsha

Tanzhou Waguan Restaurant


Price:RMB 40-70

Address:469 Third Section, Furong Zhonglu, Changsha



Yunyuan Countryside Restaurant Add: 46 Zhongshan Lu, Changsha  Tel: 0731-2222179

Yinyuan Seafood Restaurant Add: 68 Furong Nanlu, Changsha Tel: 0731-5228787  


Price:RMB 35-60

Address:6 Zhongshan Lu, Kaifu District, Changsha

Youyicun Restaurant


Youyicun is wide and comfortable, with a second-story balcony overlooking the white and blue dining room. Serves one of the better Yolkless Egg with Mushroom in the province.


Price:RMB 25-40

Address:263 Zhongshan Lu, Kaifu District, Changsha

Yuloudong Restaurant

1 Reviews


Two story, brightly lit restaurant serving Changsha favorites such as deep-fried eel strips, spicy freshwater fish head and thrice-wrapped chicken.


Price:RMB 50-80

Address:125 Wuyi Dadao, Furong District, Changsha

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