Dulesi (Dulesi) [独乐寺]

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This Buddhist temple is located approximately 120 km north of Tianjin City in Jixian County. Originally built during the Tang Dynasty, the temple went through extensive renovations during the Liao Dynasty. More recent renovations have been made in order to preserve this beautiful and unique wooden temple. The temple is famed for its Guanyin (Goddess of Compassion) Hall, which is believed to be the oldest wooden pavilion in China. It houses a 16-meter-high Buddha that was carved during the Liao Dynasty. Travelers are advised to combine their trip to Dulesi with a vistit to the Great Wall of Tianjin (Huangya Pass) or Panshan, and a relaxing overnight stay in Jixian City. Travelers can reach this destination by bus (Tianjin's North Bus Station) or by train heading to Jixian.

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