Bar Pepper [辣椒酒吧]

| 0 Reviews | 80 RMB | Bars
  • Address:3F, Building B of Shanggu Commercial Complex, Nankai District, Tianjin
  • Getting there: Take bus No.643,872 to Water Park stop
  • Contact: 022 2341 5238  
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If you are looking for low-priced beers, or a home-town bar feel, Bar Pepper certainly isn't the place. It is, though, the closest Tianjin comes to sleek and sophisticated. It is located on the top floor of the Shanggu restaurant complex – which certainly makes it a great spot for after-dinner drinks – and is a sea of neon, sleek surfaces and sharp décor. The exterior is black faux marble and inside everything shimmers like crystal. The downside to Pepper is that it is not cheap. With the style and the décor, it is closer to the type of up-scale joint you will see much more in larger cities like Shanghai or Beijing, and, because of this, the prices follow suit. Beers can stretch up to 20/30 RMB and cocktails and spirits reach 40/50 RMB. That said, the menu boasts a wide variety of cocktails – which you can watch being extravagantly mixed behind the bar – and an impressive selection of spirits.

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