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    Address: 113 Huai'an Donglu, Shijiazhuang

    Description: Established on May 23, 2005, Hebei Art Gallery is located in the Hebei Academy of Art. Although small by national standards, the gallery has held several painting exhibitions, the most influential of which an e...

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    Address: 68 Zhongshan Donglu Yiduan, Shijiazhuang

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    Address: 46 Dong Dajie, Shijiazhuang

    Description: Hebei Provincial Library is a comprehensive library established by the Hebei Provincial Government. Originally, it was constructed in 1908 and has undergone several renovations in order to accommodate its colle...

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    Address: 316 Zhongshan Donglu, Shijiazhuang

    Description: Hebei Provincial Museum is a comprehensive museum under the direction of the Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics. In May 1982, it was moved from its original location in the Ancient Lotus Pond Garden, Baoding,...

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    Address: Xinliang Gufeng Restaurant, 37 Ziqiang Lu, Shijiazhuang

    Description: An accredited art gallery that purchases, exhibits and sells outstanding Chinese calligraphy and paintings by local and national artists including Liu Xianxiang, Wang Jixing, Zhang Guohua, Jia Tonghui, Ma Zhens...

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    Address: No.86 Youyi Nan Dajie, Shijiazhuang


    The bookstore specializes on literary books, social science, computer science and art books.  


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    Address: 44 Jianshe Beidajie, Shijiazhuang

    Description: Shijiazhuang library is often referred to as Shijiazhuang Books Museum because of its extensive collection. Originally, it was constructed in 1958, but rebuilt in 1968 in order to accommodate its growing collec...

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    Address: Xibaipo, Pingshan County, Hebei Province

    Description: Built in 2003, Xibaipo Chinese Folk-custom Museum proudly displays diverse Chinese folk art and Chinese folk cultural items. The museum's priceless and ever-growing collection is made up of more than 4,000 piec...