Hebei Provincial Museum (Hebei Sheng Bowuguan) [河北省博物馆]

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Hebei Provincial Museum is a comprehensive museum under the direction of the Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics. In May 1982, it was moved from its original location in the Ancient Lotus Pond Garden, Baoding, to its present location in Shijiazhuang. After merging with the Provincial Exhibition Center in 1986, the new and improved Hebei Provincial Museum emerged. The newly constructed museum, modeled after Beijing's Great Hall of the People, is a two-story building comprised of 18 exhibition halls, 9 on each floor. In adherence to fengshui, the museum's grounds are precisely arranged with a round pond, fountains and flowers.

The museum exhibits over 150,000 relics, including 100 'first-rate' pieces and many others that are considered rare treasures. Prized possessions include two ceremonial burial garments made of jade sewn together with gold threads. They were exhumed from the Mancheng County Archeological Site, the tomb of Liu Sheng, a Han Dynasty prince, Prince Jing of Zhongshan and his wife Dou Wan. Stone statues of the Northern Dynasties, exhumed from the Xiude Monastery (Quyang County, Shanxi Province) are also on display, as are Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain wares discovered in Baoding. Modern historical relics include those from the Yihetuan Movement of 1900, papers concerning the student work-study program in France during the late 1910s, photos, and artifacts from the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945).

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