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Kong Yi Ji


Kong Yi Ji is starting to show its age. The clientele is now made up largely of tourists, who nibble on the average food and guzzle Huangjiu by the glass.


Price:RMB 45

Address:36 Xuegong Lu,Huangpu District, Shanghai

Le Ting


This elegantly decorated restaurant features a delectable range of dishes mainly based on the delicate Jiangsu style of cooking. Be sure to book your table in advance at this popular (and fairly pricy) place.


Price:RMB 486

Address:878 Julu Lu, Huaihai Zhonglu, Jin'an District, Shanghai

Old Xianheng Hotel and Restaurant

Description: Inspired by Lu Xun, the father of modern Chinese literature, this warm and welcoming dining room provides a cozy setting to enjoy tangy Shaoxing offerings. Try the preserved vegetables and the stinky tofu (You ...


Address:717 Guangdong Lu, Huangpu District,Shanghai

People on the Water


This classy eatery features a tantalizing selection of fresh Ningbo seafood dishes. Book your table in advance.


Price:RMB 268

Address:B1, Hilton Hotel, 250 Huashan Lu, Jing'an District, Shanghai

Shaoxing Restaurant

Description: The kitschy décor goes well with the waitresses in Shaoxing blue gowns. If you never have had Shaoxing food, you may be alarmed by the smells, but it's precisely house specialties like stinky tofu and stinky w...

Price:RMB 87

Address:Dezhou lu,Pudong New District,Shanghai

Xin Kai Yuan

Description: Xin Kai Yuan, a spacious upscale restaurant, presents authentic Hangzhou cuisine at reasonable prices. Families, friends and even coworkers come to enjoy the duck soup, braised pork and other Hangzhou specialti...

Price:RMB 98

Address:560 Xujiahui Lu, Luwan District,Shanghai

Zhang Sheng Ji

Description: Unlike many restaurants, Zhang Sheng Ji changes its menu with the seasons. If it's in season, try the braised duck with dried bamboo shoots in clay pot (Sungan Laoyabao) - it's a bit oily but also uniquely cris...

Price:RMB 86

Address:5/F, Zhongxin Wuniu Plaza, 1085 Pudong Dadao,Pudong New District, ...

Zhiweiguan Restaurant

Description: Zhiweiguan Restaurant epitomizes Hangzhou and its culture. Locals flock here for Hangzhou classics like Dongpou Rou. It also offers Beijing and Shanghai dishes such as Beijing Roast Duck and Shanghai Xiaolongba...

Price:RMB 70

Address:839 Changshou Lu,Jin'an District, Shanghai

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